House of Horus (or Rah-Hor-Akhty)

The moment of the Sun's triumphant rising and rejuvenation at dawn. Horus is associated with the rising sun, as Rah-Atum represent the mid-day sun and the aging sun at sunset. This house is also known as Rah-Harakhty, "Re-Horus-of-the-horizon". Numeral on the Zenet board is always‘1’ one. Sol , often depicted as a circle containing a dot, identical with the Sun disk hieroglyph N5, also in the name of ‘Rah’. This is because a throw of One is required in the game, not because it is the first square. In fact it is the final square, and objective of the game is to pass all your Souls/ Pieces off the Zenet board.

I shall see the gods and the Eye of Horus burning with fire before me.

They shall reach out their hands to me.

I shall stand up.

I shall be master of him that would subject me to restraint.

They shall open the holy paths to me, they shall see my form, they shall listen to my words.

Chapter of Changing into a Divine Hawk,

Book of the Coming Forth into Day (often incorrectly called Book of the Dead).

The Chakras are a concept found in Vedic and Buddhist traditions that perhaps originated in Egypt, where they are personifed as the gaming pieces.  The Seven pieces in the "game" of Senate can be understood as the seven levels of human soul or existence. The Adept or Practitioner

can harmonize the movement of these seven, navigating through three Pathways each comprising 10 spaces, overcoming difficulties of the

Netjerworld (world of deities) representative of trials in life; and succeeding only by bearing off all 7 seven. The Horus or Hierus-soul is the 8th and imperishable ultimate stage of the Kemetic metempsychosis, and is gateway to the final and  imperishable plane after the 'second-life' that started with the Beautiful House 25 (the place of embalming).

Horus welcomes non-Egyptians into the Egyptian afterlife in the New Kingdom Book of Gates. In Hour Five, at the beginning of the lower register, are found the four "races" of mankind, comprising Egyptians, Asiatics, Nubians and Libyans. Each race is represented by four individual figures, who are assured existence in the afterlife. They are especially in the care of Horus and Sekhmet.